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Hatha (Sun & Moon) Yoga uses a series of separate postures to improve mental and physical strength and awareness, while energizing and relaxing the body.


Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga links movement with breath, as postures flow one into another, increasing the mind-body connection and promoting muscle and joint stability.


Pilates targets the core muscles, using dynamic movement and mild resistance to build core strength, muscle control and flexibility.

As programming is specialized and multi-level, 24-hour advance registration is required to reserve your place on a first come, first served basis.


Pre/post-natal clients are welcome.



9am Pilates

10am Yoga 

*Location: Home studio or 

outdoors (to be confirmed with pre-registration). 


6pm Pilates

7pm Yoga 

*Location: Home studio or

outdoors (to be confirmed with pre-registration).  

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